Babette’s Story

Babette has perfected many skills: being adorable and sweet, making kitty burritos, purring as loudly as possible… And now, finding a furr-ever home! Babette came to the Pacific NW from California—Long Beach to be exact—in search of her time to shine with a family of her own.

Not a lot was known about Babette before she came here, except that she was a momma kitty at one point and that she tested positive for FIV. FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) affects a small percentage of cats nationwide, and it’s a non-progressive retrovirus that is usually asymptomatic (meaning kitties can have the virus without getting sick). In fact, statistics show that the most common cause of death for FIV positive cats is old age. FIV+ kitties like Babette do not usually require much special care; they do best when they stay indoors, eat nutritious diets, and have their standard annual veterinary visits. (Curious to learn more? Check out our blog on FIV.)

Although Babette’s condition is very manageable, FIV is often misunderstood. Sometimes shelters do not have the resources to to keep FIV+ kitties, or fear that they are “unadoptable.” That makes a positive test result very sad news in some cases. But not to worry, FIV+ kitties like Babette are “SAFe” here!

Once she arrived at SAFe Rescue, Babette went for a dental evaluation. While she was homeless, she ended up with a sore mouth and some broken teeth. (Poor kitty!) After dental surgery to make her more comfortable, Babette got the green light to be listed for adoption. She eagerly awaited her person.

A few days later, Babette showed off all her purr-fect skills that she had been working on for so long to a potential adopter. Not only was the adopter impressed, she was in love! Now Babette is happy and safe in her new home with all the love and yummy food she deserves.

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