A Year in Cats…

As we ring in the New Year, we’re also looking back at some of our favorite “warm fuzzy tales” from the past year. Here are the stories behind the adorable kitties featured in our 2015 calendar.

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All photos by K.A.Moore Photography.


1-James-Cover_resizeWMJames is a sweet boy who was around 10 years old when he came to us from a shelter in Spokane. They had found him as a stray, covered in matted fur and not quite able to walk correctly on his hind legs. Once his matts were shaved off, it was clear he was terribly skinny. When he came to Seattle Area Feline Rescue, we also discovered that he was diabetic, and he was quickly put onto a high protein diet and insulin shots. With love and care, he slowly gained weight in foster care, and eventually regained the muscles in his hind legs to allow him to walk properly again. Through all this TLC, his foster home fell in love with him and decided he was meant to stay with them permanently. They made it official and adopted him!

2-Mia-January_resizeWMMia is a female kitten, found as a stray and taken to a shelter in Tri-Cities with two other litter mates. The shelter then transferred them into our care, knowing it’s easier to find homes for kitties in the greater Seattle area than it is in eastern Washington. All three of the kittens were very shy, still semi-feral from their start on the streets. They spent six weeks in foster care learning to love people before they went up for adoption. All three of them were adopted into new homes, and Mia went home with another kitten named Fae.

3-Muffin-Feb_resizeWMMuffin is a sweet girl who was four years old at the time she came to us from a shelter in California. She came to us with her best friend Cookie, whom she was strongly bonded to. Muffin is a purebred Turkish Van, and tested positive for FIV. She and Cookie went into foster care together, where they charmed their foster family. Muffin finally got her wish and found a new adoptive home, with her buddy Cookie, of course!

4-Gonzo-March_resizeWMGonzo is a sweet two year old boy who came to us from a local Shelter. He was brought in after being found living in a parking lot in Auburn, and when the owners couldn’t be found he was transferred into our care. He is a loving purr-machine (especially when you scratch his ears!), so it didn’t take him long at all to find his new home.

5-Stella-April_resizeWMStella was a 10 year old girl who came to us from a local shelter who had found her living as a stray. She was a very sweet and personable cat, who everyone loved immediately. After coming into our care it was quickly discovered that her health was suffering from living on the streets. She had severe dental disease and was in early stages of kidney failure. She was given a full dental and then placed in a loving foster home while she started on treatment for her kidneys. Despite the best efforts of our vet, she didn’t respond to the many different medications and treatments attempted, and her kidney disease continued to slowly progress. She was the happiest and friendliest little cat you’d ever meet. She spent eight months in loving foster care, until she decided it was time to move on to her next life.

6-Dora-May_resizeWMDora and her sister were found living on the streets of SeaTac and brought to a local shelter, who in turn transferred them into our care. They were both shy, so they spent a month in foster care learning to love people before they went up for adoption. Dora and her sister Giselle got exactly what they wanted, a loving home who was happy to take them both.

Princess Buttercup
7-Princess Buttercup-June_resizeWMPrincess Buttercup was living the life of a feral kitten when a kind rescuer caught her and her six litter mates and brought them into us. They were hissy little babies, very shy and scared, but after six weeks in foster care they were sweet and loving, very happy to leave their feral life behind them. On their first weekend available for adoption Princess Buttercup watched as one by one all of her litter mates were adopted, until she was the only one left. But she wasn’t alone for long, she was very quickly adopted with another kitten named Topaz, and now the two are best friends.

8-Jack-July_resizeWMJack came to us from a shelter in California who took him in from his life as a stray. He was around a year and a half at the time, and he was also FIV positive. He was quickly everyone’s favorite, winning hearts with his sweet and easy going personality. He was a adopted by a very nice woman looking for a single cat to dote on.

9-Moose-August_resizeWMMoose is a little boy kitten, found abandoned with three other litter mates in a park in Federal Way. They didn’t let their rough start in life get them down, they were sweet and happy kittens, easily charming anyone who met them. Moose was adopted with his brother Atticus, and another female kitten named Honey, making for an epic kitten trio!

10-Halo-Sept_resizeWMHalo is a sweet momma cat, who was around a year old when she was found with her two kittens and taken to a shelter in Tri-Cities. She is as sweet as she as beautiful, and such a good mom. She was very happy to be adopted with her daughter Cortana, who is also featured in this calendar.

Black Violet
11-Black Violet-Oct_resizeWMBlack Violet was originally found by a rescuer in Wenatchee as a kitten and brought to us to be put up for adoption. A couple years later she was found living on the streets of Seattle, abandoned by her first adoptive home. She didn’t let this bother her, she was still a sweet and happy kitty. She quickly found a new adoptive home, who renamed her Bagheera.

North & South
12-North & South-Nov_resizeWMNorth and South are two brothers of a litter of four kittens. They were surrendered to us directly, the accidental product of an unspayed cat. The two are happy and playful kittens, and they were thrilled to be adopted out together.

13-Cortana-Dec_resizeWMCortana was rescued with her mom, Halo, and came to us after a short stay at a shelter in Tri-Cities. She is a sweet and playful kitten, and an all around mama’s girl. She was very happy when a nice lady adopted her and her mom, allowing the two to stay together. 
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