A Miracle for Bindi

Not so long ago, life was frightening and uncertain for Bindi. Blinded by an eye condition that left her vulnerable to infection and discomfort, surrendered to a shelter that couldn’t find her a home, sent to the rescue for a second chance. . .

Bindi was in need of a miracle—and a caring community of animal lovers came together to make sure that she got it! When they read about her plight, many kind people stepped up to help. They spread the word about this special kitty and sent good wishes and encouragement. Donations arrived to help pay for her surgery, too.

Bindi adoption update

Bindi enjoying her new life!

Thanks to all this kindness, Bindi got the TLC she needed, including surgery for both of her eyes. She handled the operations like a champion! Although she won’t ever be able to see again, she is now safe from discomfort, and free to lead a long, happy life.

With the surgery finished, Bindi was ready for a forever home. She received adoption inquiries from many patient people who were willing to give a special needs kitty a chance—but in the end, it turned out that Bindi had already made her choice. In her heart, the foster family that had helped her recover from her surgeries was really her forever family. They didn’t want to say goodbye to her either, and this weekend they officially adopted Bindi.

Now Bindi has a beautiful new life with her favorite people. She stays active and adventurous, even without her sight. You can hardly even tell that she is blind by watching her move!

Here at the rescue, we send our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made Bindi’s miracle possible: to the shelter that originally took her in, to the ASPCA for bringing her to us, to the supporters who funded her care, and to everyone who makes a place in their hearts for special kitties!

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