A Fixable Problem: Mouse’s Story

MouseMouse began her life in Eastern WA, fending for herself while living outside near a trailer park. Despite this rough start, she grew up friendly and trusting. When Mouse was a few months old, a Good Samaritan found her and sent her to Seattle Area Feline Rescue for a second chance. It didn’t seem like Mouse would wait long to find a home and—for the first time in her short life—have a family of her own. As you can imagine, such a friendly, fluffy kitten is sure to catch the eye of adopters!

Sadly, Mouse’s journey turned out to be more complicated after she tested positive for “Ringworm,” a fungal skin infection similar to Athlete’s Foot. This condition is very treatable and, after clearing the infection, kitties go on to lead 100% healthy lives. Even so, in some places ringworm is a death sentence for homeless cats. The treatment process is complex and time-consuming, and the infection contagious. Spending weeks or even months housing kitties in an Isolation Room and actively treating them is not something all organizations have the resources to do.

Mouse was lucky: helping Ringworm kitties is a project that’s very close to our hearts at SAFe Rescue. Mouse joined the “Kitten Cadets” at our “Ringworm Academy” (AKA the Isolation Room). Here, she receives special baths, meds, and lots of love from staff and volunteers specially-trained to care for cats with skin infections.

Now, two months later, Mouse is nearly finished healing. She’s an expert hunter of toys, and a cheerful, sassy little cat. Soon, she will be able to find a family after all.

Ringworm is such a fixable problem, and it’s deeply saddening to know that kitties lose their lives because of it. That’s why we are so profoundly grateful that we’ve been able to build our ringworm program over the past two years, thanks to you, our generous, caring community of supporters.

Your generosity makes it possible to offer a last resort to infected kitties with nowhere else to go. Your kindness can remove the obstacles to a bright future—opening up a whole lifetime of happiness—for kitties like Mouse.

Will you GiveBIG for kitties with skin infections this week? Please mark your calendars for this Wednesday, May 9. With a Challenge Match and chances to win BIG, and you generosity will go even farther to help more cats. (Want to get a head start? You can even schedule your GiveBIG donation online now!)

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