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Surrendering Your Cat

Circumstances present themselves that result in owners needing to surrender their cat for rehoming. These generally arise due to household moves that cannot accommodate the family pet, the death of pet owners, or new behavioral issues that are not acceptable to the cat’s owner(s). Before adopting your pets, we urge you to consider these situations and make plans for each event so that your cat family is not left homeless.

Cat Behavior Resource

If your kitty is exhibiting poor behavior resulting from declawing (NEVER declaw a cat), introduction of new pets or family members, old age, health issues or other reasons, the following resource may be of interest to you: ASPCA Virtual Pet Behaviorist. This site has a wide variety of information about cat behavioral, aggression and litter box issues as well as a 24-hr virtual pet behaviorist to help you. In addition, we would love to help provide additional resources for you to see if the behaviors can be changed and help you keep your cat.

Surrendering a Cat

Seattle Area Feline Rescue does accept owner surrendered cats on a limited basis. Our priority is for cats that were originally adopted from SAFe Rescue. If your cat came from us or Animal Talk Rescue, please let us know. If you adopted your cat from another organization, we suggest you contact them to see if they will accept the cat. They may be able to help sooner than we can. Our ability is based on the number of adoptions of the cats currently in our care and of the space available in foster homes.

If you would like us to add your cat to our list for intake consideration, please fill out this Information Form and we will be in touch if we feel the cat would thrive in the adoption center and when space becomes available. Providing this information does not guarantee the cat a space in the rescue.

Some cats are not going to transition well from your home to an enclosure. If you do plan on surrendering your cat to SAFe Rescue, please get a current wellness check from your vet and updated vaccines.