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Seeking Board and Committee Members

Join the Board of Directors or special committees

SAFe Rescue is looking for new members to join the Board of Directors or to serve on special committees to help guide our growth and save more cats!

Volunteers are key to every aspect of the rescue’s work. From taking care of essential daily operations like keeping bowls full and helping adopters find new family members… To engaging in broader endeavors like crafting a vision for the future (one where there are no homeless kitties), and helping us get there… Volunteers make the world go ‘round!

We are currently looking for some key volunteers to take on the visionary work of growing SAFe Rescue as an organization. Could that be you?

Perhaps you are a volunteer who is ready for a different challenge, or your schedule doesn’t allow for regular shifts in the rescue…

Maybe you are an adopter who wants to give back to the organization who helped you find your beloved family member…

Or you are looking for a meaningful resume builder to help you move to the next stage of your career…

And of course you love cats and want to help them!

We are seeking volunteers to serve in the following, high impact roles:

Board Treasurer: Do you want to use your nonprofit finance or accounting skills to help save kitties? Are sustainable budgets and financial systems like catnip to you? Does reviewing a P&L statement make you purr? We would love to talk to you about being our next Treasurer!

At Large Board Members: Do you enjoy strategic planning as much as curling up in a sunny spot for a nap? Does networking and partnership development perk up your whiskers? We are looking for volunteers to join the Board of Directors who are interested in helping increase our visibility in the community.

IT Committee: Do you have the time and expertise to help keep our technology running smoothly? Seeking volunteers with flexible schedules willing to come to the rescue when computers crash, printers panic, and the wifi won’t work.

Budget/Finance Committee: Do you chase budgetary goals like a kitty chases a laser pointer? Help develop sustainable budgets and financial systems!

Development Committee: Help craft fundraising strategy, appeals and events that let donors know how much their support means to the kitties.

Auction Committee: Do you love parties? Help this established team put on the party of the year, which is also SAFe’s biggest fundraiser.

Outreach Committee: Help save more cats by helping get the word out about SAFe Rescue’s volunteer program, foster opportunities, and of course adoptions. Committee members will help develop display materials, select events to attend, and train outreach volunteers.

Interested in learning more? Please email Executive Director Emily Sprong:


A Fixable Problem: Mouse’s Story

MouseMouse began her life in Eastern WA, fending for herself while living outside near a trailer park. Despite this rough start, she grew up friendly and trusting. When Mouse was a few months old, a Good Samaritan found her and sent her to Seattle Area Feline Rescue for a second chance. It didn’t seem like Mouse would wait long to find a home and—for the first time in her short life—have a family of her own. As you can imagine, such a friendly, fluffy kitten is sure to catch the eye of adopters!

Sadly, Mouse’s journey turned out to be more complicated after she tested positive for “Ringworm,” a fungal skin infection similar to Athlete’s Foot. This condition is very treatable and, after clearing the infection, kitties go on to lead 100% healthy lives. Even so, in some places ringworm is a death sentence for homeless cats. The treatment process is complex and time-consuming, and the infection contagious. Spending weeks or even months housing kitties in an Isolation Room and actively treating them is not something all organizations have the resources to do.

Mouse was lucky: helping Ringworm kitties is a project that’s very close to our hearts at SAFe Rescue. Mouse joined the “Kitten Cadets” at our “Ringworm Academy” (AKA the Isolation Room). Here, she receives special baths, meds, and lots of love from staff and volunteers specially-trained to care for cats with skin infections.

Now, two months later, Mouse is nearly finished healing. She’s an expert hunter of toys, and a cheerful, sassy little cat. Soon, she will be able to find a family after all.

Ringworm is such a fixable problem, and it’s deeply saddening to know that kitties lose their lives because of it. That’s why we are so profoundly grateful that we’ve been able to build our ringworm program over the past two years, thanks to you, our generous, caring community of supporters.

Your generosity makes it possible to offer a last resort to infected kitties with nowhere else to go. Your kindness can remove the obstacles to a bright future—opening up a whole lifetime of happiness—for kitties like Mouse.

Will you GiveBIG for kitties with skin infections this week? Please mark your calendars for this Wednesday, May 9. With a Challenge Match and chances to win BIG, and you generosity will go even farther to help more cats. (Want to get a head start? You can even schedule your GiveBIG donation online now!)


GiveBIG for Cats

GiveBIG for Bottle BabiesHomeless felines need our help!  On May 9th, SAFe Rescue will participate in GiveBIG, a 24-hour online giving event to raise funds for local nonprofit organizations.

GiveBIG is a critical, life-saving day for the rescue cats and kittens. The kitties who are here at SAFe Rescue now—and many more who will need our help during kitten season and beyond—rely on support from this event to fund their care and medical treatment throughout the coming months.

Every gift counts: Your gift will be DOUBLED by a Challenge Match (up to $11,000), so your generosity will go farther and save even more lives. Each donation also enters the rescue kitties to win prizes from the Seattle Foundation’s “Dollars for Change” program.

Mark your calendars: We have an ambitious goal to make this GiveBIG the best ever for felines who need our help. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us on May 9th to create a safer world for homeless animals.

Give early: you can also get a head start by scheduling your gift today.

From bottle babies to seniors, from special needs cats to happy kittens, all of the rescue kitties are grateful for the GiveBIG heroes like you who make it possible for them to find homes. Thank MEW!



Why License Your Cat

License your catSteps to kitty ownership: Get supplies, choose a kitty (That’s the most fun, if you ask us!), take kitty home, give kitty food and cuddles, establish care at a vet, and. . . License your cat with the city or county?

You read that last step right! Your furry friend needs a license. Not a driver’s license—we hope kitty won’t be operating a motor vehicle anytime soon. A pet license! Your city or county requires that you license your pets as a form of identification.

If you’re tempted to skip that step, think again! There are some very important reasons to get a pet license:

1) Having a current license will help reunite you with your pet if kitty gets lost. (Some cities will even give lost, licensed pets a free ride home instead of taking them to the shelter.) Licensed pets can also be held for longer at city shelters. Having more time can make all the difference: if your pet goes missing, it’s often at the worst possible time, like when you are out of town!

2) Knowing how many pets are living in the area helps your city allocate resources so that it can best serve pet owners. (It’s helpful for disaster preparedness, too.)

3) Funds from pet licenses support your city shelter and help save lives.

4) Pet licenses, even for indoor-only kitties, are required by law.

Where to Get a License: Although licensing your pet might sound daunting, it’s actually quite easy! For Seattle residents, you can even license your new kitty right here at the rescue during the adoption process, or stop by the rescue later on to license your cat. (And if you do, a portion of the license fees will go to help the kitties here at SAFe Rescue.) You can also go online to get a City of Seattle license: click here.

If you live in a municipality serviced by Regional Animal Services of King County, you can purchase that license at the adoption center too. Many King County cities, including Shoreline, require a King County License. Click here for the complete list.

If you have any questions, one of the friendly, knowledgeable staff or volunteers at the rescue will be happy to help! Wherever you live, make sure that you get a license for your beloved kitty—it’s the best choice to keep your pet safe, and it’s the responsible thing to do for your community!



Where can a homeless, itchy, senior kitty have a second chance at finding a home in Seattle? At Seattle Area Feline Rescue, of course! Wendy fits that bill exactly: at 10 years old she was brought to another local shelter as a stray after fending for herself along Lake City Way. She was experiencing discomfort due to extremely itchy skin and hair loss. Soon, she came to SAFe Rescue for a second chance.

Seattle Area Feline Rescue is a “SAFe” haven for kitties who might need extra love or care. When Wendy arrived, the volunteers and staff here were immediately smitten. Her eyes reminded us of a beautiful galaxy: she looks like she has stardust in her gaze! She was consistently sweet and loving, soliciting everyone she met for pets and affection. Although she wasn’t enthusiastic about playing, napping on catnip pillows became her favorite pastime.

At SAFe, Wendy went from stray kitty to TV star when KING  5 Television featured her as their adoptable cat of the month. We are certain that viewers were as mesmerized by her eyes as we were! Soon afterwards, her purr-fect family came into the rescue looking for a kitty. She now has 2 human kiddos to play and snuggle with, and even better… she has a senior kitty brother to keep her company!

SAFe Rescue is dedicated to giving kitties like Wendy—whether they are senior, special needs, or just in need of some TLC—all the love, food, and medical care they need until they can be placed in furr-ever homes with their purr-fect humans.


Help Needed!


Do you love helping both kitties and people? Do you have customer service, retail, front counter, or sales experience? If so, then we have the PURR-fect volunteer position for you!

Seattle Area Feline Rescue is urgently seeking volunteers to run the front desk of the busy Adoption Center. Yours will be the first friendly smile adopters see when they come to find new furry friends. Once they choose their kitty, adopters will ask you for help purchasing supplies. You’ll have a chance to field general questions about all things cat related, answer the phone,  collect donations, and build support to save lives, too.

Best of all, each shift you’ll be part of the joy and excitement as adopters take home their new kitties!

SAFe Rescue provides training so that you’ll feel confident creating a great experience for visitors. Retail shifts are needed whenever the rescue is open: Thursday through Monday, 1:00-7:00PM. The rescue is closed Tuesday and Wednesday so that the kitties can rest. (Bonus: retail volunteering is also a great first step on the journey to becoming a volunteer Adoption Counselor!)

Please visit today to get started, and be sure to select “Retail” as your assignment preference. The kitties can’t wait to have your help–THANK YOU!


Paws up for Paperless Adoptions!

If you’ve been to the Adoption Center lately, you may have noticed a change in our office area: where there used to be only two large desks, you can now see four shiny new standing workstations with stools. This office re-design has a very special purpose: we’re going paperless! 

Paperless adoptions are certainly more efficient: goodbye to piles of paperwork and hours of scanning. But even more importantly, going paperless is an important step for Seattle Area Feline Rescue on its journey to help more kitties. In our small Adoption Center, we now have the space to perform twice as many adoptions at once. That means more lives saved!

We are grateful and honored to have been selected to receive a “Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant” from Best Friends Animal Society for this project. By funding the furniture and tablets SAFe Rescue needs to go paperless, this grant will make it possible to perform more adoptions and save 150 additional cats and kittens from high-risk areas this year alone.

The rescue kitties think that’s just MEOW-valous! Thanks Best Friends and the Rachael Ray Foundation!


Farley Finnagan

On a recent outing, a local hiker was surprised to see an animal in a rest area that wasn’t part of the wildlife: a fluffy orange cat. When she got closer, she discovered the poor kitty was friendly. She also saw a large tumor on his leg. Knowing he wouldn’t survive in the wild, the hiker scooped him up and carried him out.

When SAFe Rescue was asked to help, we knew we had to give him a chance! Now named Farley Finnagan, this darling boy is recovering in foster care. Farley needs surgery to remove his tumor, and he may need more treatment afterwards, too.

To help heal Farley and kitties like him, please click the donate button and write “Farley Finnagan” to contribute to Seattle Area Feline Rescue’s Medical Fund.

We don’t know how Farley ended up abandoned in a rest area—but we DO know that together we can make his future much brighter than his past!

MARCH 29 UPDATE: Farley Finnagan has his surgery scheduled for this week. Paws crossed for this fluffy guy! “Meowy” big thanks to everyone who has donated to SAFe Rescue’s Medical Fund so faryou’re helping kitties like Farley get better and find homes!

APRIL 2 UPDATE: Farley came through his surgery very well, and if recovering comfortably in foster care. We ordered testing to find out if the tumor is malignant and whether he will need further treatment. We’ll let you know what we hear!

APRIL 9 UDATE: Tests showed that Farley’s tumor was not malignant. Good news! Farley was given the green light for adoption and found a home right away!


Greek Kitties: The Sequel

Ready to travel

Flying from Greece…

Waiting in the hotel…

Kitty passports

A Big Fat Greek Happily Ever After…

Do you remember back in December when we told you the story of two blind Greek kittens? Their American dream came true when a dedicated volunteers Shanna and Eric found them while vacationing in Greece. Shanna eventually went back to Greece to collect them and managed to transport them to Seattle to get new homes here at the rescue. But it turns out there was more to the story!

Shanna originally tried to bring FOUR kitties from Greece. Because of a pet limit on the airline (disclosed at the last minute) she had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave two of the kitties, Luigi and Bambina, behind.

It was hard to think of Luigi and Bambina waiting half a world away… And we knew we could find them homes if only they were here at SAFe Rescue.

Shanna and Eric, devoted kitty volunteers that they are, weren’t ready to give up. This month, Shanna added up her frequent flier miles (again!) and headed out to the island of Crete for the third time.

The trek back to the US was a long one, but once Bambina and Luigi arrived, they were scooped up by their new family the very same day.

Homeless no longer!

Opa! This Big Fat Greek Happily Ever After was made possible by selfless cat lovers who turned their vacation into a rescue mission. At the rescue, we are continually amazed by the dedication and love that all our volunteers, fosters, donors, adopters, and supporters show the kitties. It gives us the warm fuzzies to know that we are surrounded by people so dedicated to ending the plight of homeless kitties. Thank you.


Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Happy indoor cat

You’ve probably heard the statistics: while an indoor cat usually lives 15-20 years, outdoor cats survive only 2-5 years on average. Outside, there are predators, cars, and toxins… But can a cat ever really be happy as an indoor-only kitty? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Here are some things you can do to make sure your feline friend stays content with a safe inside life:

Make the Indoors Fun:

One of the most important ways to keep kitty happy is the simplest: play time! A good daily play session with her humans will focus kitty’s energy. There are also lots of toys that can help keep your feline busy while you’re out of the house. Food dispensing toys are especially helpful since they engage hunting instincts and encourage your kitty to stay active. If you’re willing to invest in high-tech toys, there are even inventions that let you talk to your cat, give her treats, or play with a laser from afar. A cat tree or kitty-friendly shelving is great addition, too—kitties love to climb and pretend they’re fierce wildcats.

Kitty TV:

Your kitty probably loves a good show just as much as you do! You can purchase DVDs of cat-specific programming, complete with chirping birds and furry rodents. Or, for an all-natural viewing experience, try installing a cat shelf on one of your windows so that kitty can watch the outside world. Bonus: place bird or squirrel feeders outside that window, and she’ll be captivated for hours. Aquariums are also fun for felines to watch. (Just make sure to use a protective covering on top so that kitty doesn’t go fishing.)


Having a feline playmate can prevent loneliness and boredom. Younger cats especially benefit from companionship. They will keep each other amused for hours—and their antics will be entertaining for you to watch, too! If you have an older cat who’s used to living alone, she may be more set in her ways. Choose a mellow, easy-going cat if you add a friend to your household.

Still want your cat to experience the great outdoors? Never fear, there are safe ways to let kitty put her paws in the grass:


With a little patience and some reward-based training, many cats can learn to walk on a harness. You might just take your harnessed indoor cat out to enjoy the backyard—or even for a walk around the neighborhood!


A “catio” is a protected outdoor enclosure that lets your indoor cat get some fresh air. If you have some space and a little DIY know-how, your kitties can have their very own catio! (Not handy? Not to worry! There are businesses that will help you design and build the catio of your dreams.) Catios range from simple to very elaborate (think walkways, tunnels, and multiple buildings…).

Cat Fences:

It’s also possible to turn your whole yard into a catio: cat fencing creates a barrier that cats can’t climb over. A quick internet search will give you lots of options.

However you decide to keep your furry friend content, you’ll have a happy—longer—life together when kitty stays indoors!